To The Girl Who Tries Too Hard

There’s a different between wearing fake lashes because you’re extra and wearing fake lashes because you are trying to cover what you don’t have.

There’s a difference between wearing high-waisted jeans because you like the fit and wearing them to cover your muffin top.

There’s a difference between a genuine smile and a fake moment of happiness.

Today, i’m dedicating my post to all the girls who try too hard. Because I am one of you.

I spend a lot of time looking in the mirror, analyzing myself. I know where every zit, every mole and where every freckle sits on my skin. I wear a lot of high-waisted jeans because I have a muffin top. I wear false lashes because I feel like my lashes aren’t long enough. I wear make-up to cover my acne. I wear sweatshirts to cover my stomach.

Long story short, i’m insecure. Many of us are. I’m not saying doing all of this is wrong. Not at all. It’s the reason behind it that makes it tough. I should wear high-waisted jeans because they help me feel confident. I should wear false lashes because i’m just extra. I should wear make-up to add to my beauty, not take it away. And sweatshirts are comfortable.

It seems simple, but I am an insecure woman with a need to please. I care way too much about what other people think. I step outside and I think about what they neighbors think about my hair. I walk into the grocery store and worry about what the middle aged religious women are thinking about my double piercings. I literally am the overly considerate idiot who cares what other cars think about my driving on the freeway. Like no girl, you do you.

WHO THE F CARES. This year, i’m caring about me. I’m caring about my happiness, my health and my well-being. I try way too hard to impress people who don’t matter, who don’t care and often don’t deserve my freaking amazing self.

Care about people, be considerate of others and their feelings. But do NOT forget about yourself. YOU are important. YOU need to be considered and YOUR feelings are valid. Learning to love yourself will open so many doors and provide so many opportunities. Make sure you are happy with yourself before trying to please others.

Stop trying so hard to be someone you are not and learn to embrace your individuality and your own uniqueness. (This is my advice to myself.)

Continue to better yourself and learn to love who you are and who you can become. We always set new resolutions at the beginning of the year, but if there is one you choose to stick with, I hope it’s to remember every day that you are an amazing individual. There is no one else like you and that’s okay.

Keep up with the glam, wear whatever you want, but make sure it’s for YOU and not for anyone else.


Love you guys. Here’s to a New Year.

xoxo Ki


Can we talk about how many times a day I say this? How often someone is kind and invites me over and what is my response: “I CAN’T”. This is where my struggle began.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with motivation to do anything. I hate waking up early, I hate giving up soda, I hate exercising. But do I really hate it? No. I’m just scared. I’m scared of trying new things. I’m scared of breaking bad habits. I keep saying I CAN’T change because I don’t know where, how, or when to start.

But here’s the thing: I CAN. I’m working on saying yes. Yes to healthy eating. Yes to exercise. Yes to FEELING GOOD!!

When first started writing this post, I realized how much this sounded like a cheesy motivational speech you would hear on Disney movies. And yes, it totally is. Like, did Troy Bolton just deliver that speech? I just wanted to keep it short and sweet to tell you that you can. You can do this. You can make it through the semester. You can handle that kid. You can deal with that boss. You can plan that trip. You can EAT THAT DONUT.

I am starting a Biggest Loser competition at work tomorrow. Am I excited? No. But am I excited for the results and motivation for change? Heck yeah I am. This is the beginning of a whole new journey. I’m working on changing my mindset towards feeling good instead of worrying about not looking good. I’ve been so put out looking at all of you beautiful people on Instagram, that I have forgotten that I am beautiful too. Is everything going to work out? In it’s own way, yes. Am I probably going  to have more cheat days than I should? You bet your sweet a** I am.

But this is why I blog, you know? I want to promote change, not only in the world, but within myself. We are amazing individuals with so many opportunities. WE NEED TO RECOGNIZE THAT!! I have so much potential that I have been hiding or ignoring. I have been ignoring that fact that I could do better. I have been way too content with who I am currently. I love myself, I really do. But that is a continuous process. I can be better. I want to feel better. And I will. BECAUSE I CAN.

I keep telling myself I don’t have time to do anything but work and sleep. I keep telling myself I can’t wake up any earlier because I have to work all day. That is soooo not true! I am just lazy. I can totally do it. I just have to set my mind to it.

My goal is to motivate you. I am here to hype you up!! You are fantastic humans. You are going/are doing so many great things. Also, change doesn’t happen over night. It is a long, long process. I am working on my mentality towards that. Let’s take it day by day. Let’s become better together. Keep me motivated and i’ll keep you motivated no matter what! Recognize the amazing things you are doing and keep working to meet your potential!

What are your tips and tricks for staying motivated to workout and eat healthy?? I could use all the help I can get!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

My 5 Tips for Booking Air BnB

Hi friends! It’s been a minute since i’ve written anything. Sorry about that! Life has been crazy. (Also, i’m not affiliated with Air BnB whatsoever.)

Chris and I are currently finishing up our week in California and it has been fantastic. We have recently been opting to use Air BnB over our typical hotel stays. We’ve had great experiences and we’ve had some not so great experiences. I figured I would share some tips and help you find the perfect travel home!

Tip #1 – THE PRICE. Air BnB is pretty cheap. Chris and I don’t feel guilty splurging on adventures and extras during our trip because we are barely paying anything for our lodging. Now, if your parents were like mine, you know you get what you pay for. Air BnB has a lot of options. You can pay more for a private place, without other people (my preference) or you can pay less for a private room in someone’s home. The private room is Chris’ favorite way to travel because: A. It’s so much cheaper (we generally pay about $45-$55 a night in California) and B. He gets to meet new people. A private room for 2 people is actually perfect, especially if you are taking a quick trip. Make sure you find one that specifies that is has a private bathroom. Majority have shared bathrooms and I personally hate having to wait on random strangers to shower. If you look hard enough, you have find private apartments for a pretty great price. Always compare to hotel prices in your area as well. It makes you feel great about your purchase.

Tip #2 – KNOW THE AREA. Air BnB doesn’t usually give you the actual address of the place until after you book it. So make sure you check out the map view of the area to make sure it’s worth the stay. Sometimes you will find a great place, but it’s quite the drive to wherever you are going for the day. For example, our second Air BnB we booked was roughly 30 minutes to majority of the destinations we were wanting to visit. It was perfect. Our last Air BnB is about an hour from what we want to do, and with California traffic, it’s of course a little longer. That was my bad on booking. But utilize the location and become a planner. It makes everything go so much smoother!

Tip #3 – REVIEWS ARE EVERYTHING. Read the reviews. Scour through them. It may seem tedious but Air BnB has a great review system/program. You are able to review and the host is also able to review you as a guest. So there are a lot of reviews to read through to make sure you are getting what you want out of your stay. That being said, make sure you are a great guest too. As long as you are quiet and clean, you can get great reviews, making it easier to book Air BnB’s too. A lot of people think it’s just like a hotel when booking, but hosts can actually decline your request to book. It’s the GOLDEN RULE! Treat others how you want to be treated. 😉

Tip #4 – TALK TO LOCALS. Until last month, Chris hadn’t even been to California. So of course we had to go. He picked the Air BnB and we ended up in a private room with a shared bathroom 1 mile away from Disneyland. I wasn’t excited to share a house, but it ended up being the greatest experience. Chris and the hosts just clicked. Through talking with them, we were able to learn about so many hole-in-the-wall places for food and adventure. I’ve been to California multiple times and that was still my favorite trip. We ate so much good food and saw a lot of cool places because of the host’s recommendations. She even sent us home with a bag of lemons from her lemon tree. Such a sweet lady! Chris also does this thing where he likes to network and talk to every human being. So anytime we went out to eat, he would learn what to try and what not to try, where to go next, etc. Get out there and learn from the people who know it best.

Tip #5 – KEEP AN OPEN MIND. Air BnB is different. I’m used to hotels, continental breakfast, and swimming pools. I had a hard time transitioning to Air BnB. But it’s honestly been the greatest thing. There are sooo many different options and you save so much money. We are able to do way more on our trips without stressing about money the whole time because we are saving money. Sometimes, you will arrive and it won’t look exactly like the picture entails. Sometimes, you will have a bad experience. That’s why you utilize reviews and plan ahead! Travel for the experience, not for the materials.

I ALMOST FORGOT. Air BnB has pretty strict cancellation policies and you typically can’t get a refund unless it’s cancelled a week in advance. So make sure you plan ahead and know where you want to stay! The app is super simple and easy to use. They also give you a lot of information too.

Long story short, Air BnB is a great tool and asset for travel. I hope these tips were somewhat helpful. Comment or email me and let me know if this article was helpful! Let me know what you’ve experienced so I can add to it!


This Is Me

You probably thought this was going to be a bio but instead it’s just a cute picture of me.

What’s Your Story?

“In the end, we’ll all become stories.” – Margaret Atwood

We are told to look forward and not back at our past. Some of us may have regrets, some may have dark chapters, but look at the stories we are creating. A story needs a strong beginning, it’s full of heroes, villains, ups, downs… every chapter means something. Every chapter leads to the next.

That being said, we need to live life chapter by chapter. Moment by moment. The more we spend planning our entire novel, the more we miss, the more we misspell, the more we skip. Recognizing where one chapter ends and another begins… knowing when to move on and when to acknowledge a fresh start. That’s where we begin.

What kind of stories are we writing? What novel will we leave behind? It’s an interesting question right?

I’m a planner. I like to have a plan and I like to know where I’m headed. But that means I also get ultra stressed when things don’t go exactly the way I want them too or if I plan too far ahead. Anyone else feel the same? So what should I do different?

Take a step back.

I’m always looking for the next best thing. I know you are too. But I’m always missing the small moments in life. Like the butterflies outside my window. Or the warmth of the sun on my face. What about the air I get to breathe or the simple moments with my cute hubby? These are all amazing things. But I TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED. Not anymore. We need to look around. I need to look around.

My story is just beginning. A new chapter is just starting.

Write your story. Make it a best seller.

If you had to name this chapter of your life, what would it be? Comment and let me know!!!


My Acronym for Kindness

I’ve been spending a lot of time on social media. (It’s not a problem, I’m a blogger for heck sake.) I see a lot of negativity, as we all do. So my post today is simple. The message is simple. Be the positive in the negative world. Recognize that every human being is going through some sort of fire. Speak a little kinder, be a little better today. It’s Monday! It’s a new day and a new week filled with new opportunities to be your awesome self. Get out there okay? Here’s my thought for the day:

K – KILLIN’ IT. You are fabulous. You are beautiful. You are killin’ it. Use that confidence and spread it like a disease.

I – INTELLIGENT. You are smart, whether you believe it or not. Use that intelligence to speak kind words and think before you do.

N – NEVER GIVE UP. Life is going to try and knock you down. Sucker punch right to the face. But you will stand. You are stronger than you think you are. RECOGNIZE THAT. Punch life right back and SEIZE THE DANG DAY.

D – DON’T FORGET WHO YOU ARE. I already told you how amazing you are. You can’t forget that. Don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Recognize your god-given talents and wonderful ness!!! You were born to be great. And the possibilities are endless.

N – NUMBERS MATTER. How many smiles can you hand out today? How many “hellos”? Count them. Make a goal. Spread the love. It’ll make you happy and those who are blessed by your presence. Be that weirdo competitive person you are. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. (This is the only reason math was important in school)

E – EVERYONE HAS A HEART. and hearts can be broken. Protect yours but also protect theirs. Be mindful of the hurt that can be caused and lift others up.

S – SORRY. Don’t apologize for who you are. If you are unhappy in your own skin, make the change. Be the change. Envision the change. We don’t have time for sorry. Start the progress!!

S – SIMPLICITY. Live in the moment. Live for the little things. Take those baby steps to reach your new beginning. Life is so complicated but also ever so simple. Take the time to breathe and recognize your blessings.


Finding Motivation On A Monday

We all feel it. We all know it. Monday’s are hard. They are intimidating. How often do you start your weekly planning on Sunday, feeling prepared, and then wake up Monday morning feeling a little less motivated? THIS IS ME EVERY MONDAY. So how do we combat the Monday blues? Here are a few things i’m trying this week:

  1. I planned a yummy breakfast. This might seem mediocre, but for a girl who adores food, it definitely pushed me a little bit this morning. I had a mango, some strawberry Chobani yogurt, and two egg whites! The breakfast gave me something to look forward to. I’ll be planning at least the rest of my breakfast’s this week to make sure I keep waking up on time!
  2. I set my alarm tone to a Justin Bieber song hahah. I won’t tell you what song, so you can refrain from judging me. This was to get rid of those annoying alarm sounds that I absolutely dread. And it worked. I still struggle to get up in the mornings (I love my sleep) but this helped me make progress. I liked the sound I was waking up to. Try to set your alarm to something fun and upbeat. Don’t take it from me. Try it for yourself.
  3. Going to bed early. I SUCK at this. Not just struggle, I am awful at it. Working in a restaurant, the hours are hard. The earliest shift ends at 8:00 P.M. I know, plenty of time to get to bed right? Wrong. I typically grocery shop, watch Netflix, or try to go out with friends. These aren’t bad things at all. It’s just when I could do most things before work, I don’t. I’m a night owl, so I’m trying to make an effort to go to bed on time and wake up earlier to make the most of my day.
  4. Live your best life. Making plans to have an awesome week is something to look forward to. Yes, plan out what you have to do this week but also make some plans of what you want to do. Do something new or spontaneous this week. Try something different. You can’t build new habits by doing the same mundane things every day.
  5. Remember you have people rooting for you. You are not alone in this venture. We are not alone! Keep positive, motivating people in your life. And I know I sound cliche, but don’t give up. Keep working on building those healthy habits. It’ll be hard, it’ll take time, but it’ll be so worth it.

What gives you motivation? What helps you have an awesome week? What pushes you to be a better you? I wanna know!