10 Things I Love About You (a cheesy mothafreakin’ post)

I write about myself a whole lot (but I bet you didn’t even notice). Lately, life has been good. I have been a lot more positive in my perspective about life. I have a lot of things to write about but I only want to write about one thing today: Chris. I would NOT be where I am today without the support of my human. So this post is for Chris.

I love a lot of things about Chris, but I picked 10 of my favorites to share with you.

Here we go:

  1. You LOVES people. I genuinely have a hard time with human beings (I’m awkward, who cares). Anyone that knows you, knows that you greet them with a handshake and a hug. You want to know them, you want to be their friend and you make them feel like a million bucks.
  2. I love the way you shake your head and smile every time I make a stupid joke.
  3. I love how disoriented you are when you just wake up hahah. I can say, “Hey, do you want breakfast?” and you’ll respond with, “No, I haven’t eaten breakfast.” Ya weirdo.
  4. I love how sentimental you are. You keep all my notes, you keep photos, you give the best gifts. It’s incredible.
  5. I love how supportive you are. You believe in me to the max and it’s almost scary hahah. You believe in me more that I believe in me.
  6. I love your dance moves. You literally only dance with your hands and it’s so great.
  7. I love how much you love to learn. You are always wanting to learn and grow. You ask a SHIZ ton of questions but you are such a smart and intellectual human. I’m jealous. I need to care more.
  8. You are so true to yourself. I admire the way you hold yourself and your standards.
  9. I love that you call farts a “pop off”. You have lots of pop off’s.
  10. I love the way you love me! You make me feel amazing. You remind me that I am beautiful the way I am. You remind me that I am worth it.

I am grateful for Christopher.

Thanks for listening to my random sappy post.


2 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About You (a cheesy mothafreakin’ post)

  1. Hunida

    Oh my gosh, this was so sweet. ♡ I love how you called him your human. It’s funny that you love how disoriented he is when he wakes up because my bf is the same way & I always get mad at him for it. 😂 So funny that he calls a fart a “pop off”, I’ve never heard that before lol. Sounds like you two have an amazing and relationship. ♡


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