Things You Shouldn’t Care About

I’m about to be brutally honest. I have been struggling. I’m sitting in a hotel room in Chicago and it’s only 7:13 P.M. I should be out enjoying the city right? But no. I’m in the room, by myself, on my computer. The only benefit? I’ve realized a few things.

I care too much. I care way too much about what people think. I care way too much about the way I look. I care way too much about getting validation. And it’s not okay. My mental health has been STRUGGLING. I sit on Instagram looking at all these beautiful people and I can’t even appreciate their success because I’m worried about how I don’t look like them. It’s not a healthy cycle! I’ve gained 45 pounds in about a year and a half. It’s so weird! I’ve never been this heavy. All I can look at is the negative. I see all the pants I no longer fit in, I see the tiny stretch marks appearing on my body. I see what I used to be instead of what I could be.

What i’m getting at is this: it’s all about the point of view. It’s what you choose to care about. Here’s what you shouldn’t care about:

  1.  You shouldn’t care about the way that girl just looked at you. If you are feelin’ yourself, keep on keepin’ on. That girl probably didn’t even mean to look at you like that. We literally all struggle with RBF. Am I wrong? Of course not. What you should care about is the way you look at her. Just keep smiling her way and hope it’s contagious. Spread the love and SUPPORT EACH OTHER.
  2. You shouldn’t care about how much you weigh. Numbers. Don’t. Matter. You should care about how you feel!! Start taking care of that beautiful body of yours. Being healthy isn’t a trend. It should be a lifestyle. I keep trying all sorts of diets, and you know what? THEY SUCK. Portion control, healthy choices and not depriving your body has been the only thing that has helped my body. And that’s what i’m going to stick to.
  3. You shouldn’t care about the people who stare when you dance in public. You should care about the people that dance with you because those are your people! Care about those who support you and your personality, no matter how big it is. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to sing, sing. People stare, but WE DON’T CARE!!
  4. You shouldn’t care about the person sitting next to you wearing Gucci sneaks with a matching bag that you don’t have. You should care about the progress you are making. You should be proud of that human for achieving something. You’ll be there someday. One day you’ll be the person walking into the room wearing the name brand sh*z if that’s something you want to do. Everyone has their own definition of success, so don’t base your progression off of someone else’s. Move at your own pace and keep working hard. You will get there!
  5. You need to care about you. Care about your health. Care about your happiness. Care about those who really matter. Life is short, it really is. It’s too short to overthink. It’s not an overnight process either. Self-love and care come with time. You have to work on it every single day. Start with the baby steps. Get some sleep, eat less of the crappy stuff and then move on to eating more of the good stuff. Stop glaring at people and start smiling. DANCE GIRL DANCE. Life is a beautiful thing and I forget that sometimes. Let’s keep reminding each other. COMMENT ON THEIR INSTA. LET PEOPLE KNOW THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. SPREAD THE FREAKING LOVE BECAUSE WE ARE AWESOME.

My favorite quote from Lollapalooza this week was from Logic: “I’m all about PEACE, LOVE, AND POSITIVITY!”

SAME. This needs to be our mindset. Who agrees? I love you all. I’m here to hype you up. I’m here to support your dreams. I’m here for you!

What do you care about? How do you treat yourself?  How are you spreading the love this week? I WANNA KNOW.


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