Why You Should Work in The Restaurant Business

I have a strong belief that everyone should work in the restaurant business at least one time in their life for two main reasons:

1. Because it will be the best worst decision you’ve made.

2. It’ll give you a whole new perspective/respect for what we go through.

I’ve worked in the same restaurant for 4 years and am currently a front of house manager. I’ve learned so many things from this job and I will never regret working there. I have learned so many life lessons, responsibilities and the biggest thing I’ve learned: PEOPLE CAN SUCK. I have never been more disappointed in the human race. This may sound crazy, but that will only sound crazy if you’ve never worked in a restaurant.

I’ve been yelled at, sworn at, talked down to, spilled on, and much more. I’ve also met my best friends, been offered militia leaders job opportunities, grown as a human and met my husband there. This job has been the most stressful yet rewarding experience. If only people knew how hard it is. I have came up with a few things you should know when dining out:

1. You are not the only person your server is taking care of. Picture this: it’s a busy Friday night, the restaurant is full and it’s a long wait. You have to wait more than two minutes for your drink and you are automatically mad at your server. GUESS WHAT. YOUR SERVER HAS 5 OTHER TABLES, SURVIVES OFF TIPS AND HAS BEEN WORKING FOR 12 HOURS ALREADY. The server’s job is to take care of you and I’ll admit, there are some really crappy servers out there. But just remember to give the benefit of the doubt to your server. They are working hard. They are lifting buss tubs, getting spilled on, the kitchen yells at them because of YOUR complicated order. It’s not their fault 90% of the time. I promise.

2. Don’t yell at the host. I see this all the time. Guests yell at the host because of a long wait time, they yell at the host because of a menu item, they yell at the host because they don’t like their table. It’s not their fault. The host is there to greet you and accommodate you. It’s not their fault there is a wait. It’s all the human beings that keep walking through the door. There is a method to the madness of a restaurant. There is a server rotation that needs to be followed, there’s a manager behind every quote time and there are limited tables when it’s busy. Have some patience and respect.

3. Restaurants have certain policies and procedures in place and being a complete Butthole won’t make us change them. We actually care about the service that you are given okay? But when you start off by yelling, the level of caring goes way down. If you want it your way and want us to find validity in your concern, be nice about it. Simple as that.

4. Servers do not thrive off of hourly pay. They reply on tips. Don’t stiff your server. I’m not saying tolerate bad service, but for the love. TIP YOUR SERVER.

5. Managers hear all the negativity. We LOVE to hear about your good experiences too! Don’t just complain. Compliment.

Also, when you have time, google “restaurant memes”. It’s good insight 😂

This sounds like a lot. It’s is. But I could say more. It may not be relevant to you. But recognize what people are going through. Open your eyes and just be good human beings!!!!


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